Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big News from Truenewfie!

It has been a while hasn't it. Let me start by telling you that all that was, is no longer and all that is, is absolutely amazing.

I started this site a few years back to keep in touch with my Newfoundland roots. I have always thought of myself as a Newfoundlander and when asked where is home I always said I was from Newfoundland but currently living in New Brunswick. We'll all that has changed. I am now a Newfoundlander living in Newfoundland.

On September 14, 2008 I was listening to Salt Water Joys on Jigs and Reels and decided enough is enough. I don't have to be a Newfoundlander living in New Brunswick. I went to work in New Brunswick for the last time on September 15Th which also happens to be my wife's birthday. I called her and said Happy Birthday, we're moving back to Newfoundland and by the way I'm unemployed. She was scared and excited of course because she had no idea I was going to make such a drastic move. :)

On September 20 I accepted a new offer to work in Newfoundland and had the house listed for sale. On October 29Th we arrived in our U-Haul with all of our belongings and a signed offer on our house. I started my new job on November 3rd and our house in New Brunswick closed on December 1st.

We are excited to be home and everything is absolutely amazing. We'll try to keep you up to date more often. Stay tuned.