Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maddie and Sara reunited and inseparable!

After being seperated for nearly 5 weeks, Maddie and Sara are finally reunited. It was a very happy day for both of the dogs and Jackie and I as well. At first we were nervous that Maddie would want to play rough after being away so long but she was as gentle as she has ever been.

They each have their own pet bed but that was no good for the Golden Sisters; they decided they needed to be much closer than that. They decided to sleep as close together as possible on the one bed. It was very cute and very touching to see.

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Sara the Golden Retriver with her stuffed rabbit

Sara recently had TPLO surgery at Westwood Hills Veterinary Hospital in Tantallon, Nova Scotia. After the very successful surgery, it was required that we keep Sara and her sister Maddie seperated for a few weeks to allow Sara to recover. Maddie was having a blast staying with her grand parents (my Mom and Dad) in Deer Lake, Newfoundland but Sara was a little lonely and missed her sister and quickly found comfort in her new stuffed rabbit.

Westwood Hills Veterinary Hospital

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Great Sunday morning in #Newfoundland

Drinking Screech coffee and listening to Jiggs and Reels on! Great Sunday morning in #Newfoundland.

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